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    Montvale Athletic League:  Basketball
    Rec Commissioner:  Pete Stern
    Travel Commissioner:  Mike Weaver

MAL Recreation Basketball registration is now open at


Starting Nov 1, late fees are applied and your child is not guaranteed a spot.


Thank you for your continued support of basketball and the MAL. We are very excited to provide our growing basketball community with another fun and successful season!


Peter Stern

MAL Basketball Commissioner


More Info:

-- The recreation program is for grades K-8. For grades 3-8, it runs from early Dec to early March; for K-2, it runs from early Jan to early March

-- The program's focus is on skill development for all ability levels, and our rules-of-play provide all with the opportunity to participate in games. 

-- For grades 1-8, there will be one weekly practice, and a game on Saturday. (See below for specific times.)

-- Kindergarten meets  once a week on Saturdays. 

-- NEW THIS YEAR: In order to save families money, grades 2-8 may reuse their jersey from last year.


Practice Schedule (subject to change):

-- Grade 2 Boys, 6pm

-- Grade 7/8 Girls, 8pm


-- Grade 1 Boys, 6pm


-- Grade 1/2 Girls, 6pm

-- Grade 3/4 Girls, 7pm

-- Grade 5/6 Girls, 8pm


-- Grade 3/4 Boys, 6pm & 7pm

-- Grade 5/6 Boys, 7pm & 8pm

-- Grade 7/8 Boys, 8pm & 9pm


-- Kindergarten, 9am


Saturday Game Schedule (subject to change):

Memorial School

-- Grade 1/2 Girls, 10am

-- Grade 1 Boys, 11am

-- Grade 2 Boys, 12pm

-- Grade 7/8 Boys, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

-- Grade 7/8 Girls, 4pm & 5pm

Fieldstone Middle School

-- Grade 3/4 Boys, 8am, 9am & 10am

-- Grade 5/6 Boys, 11am, 12pm & 1pm

-- Grade 5/6 Girls, 2pm & 3pm

-- Grade 3/4 Girls, 4pm & 5pm




Pricing Schedule          





thru 10/31

after 10/31

Kindergarten, Boys & Girls -- no jersey provided or needed



1st Grade, Girls -- automatically includes new jersey (black/white reversible)



1st Grade, Boys -- automatically includes new jersey (blue/white reversible)



2nd Grade, Girls -- REUSE Jersey (black/white reversible)



2nd Grade, Boys -- REUSE Jersey (blue/white reversible)



2nd Grade, Girls -- NEED Jersey (black/white reversible)



2nd Grade, Boys -- NEED Jersey (blue/white reversible)



3rd-8th Grades, Girls -- REUSE Jersey (black/white reversible)



3rd-8th Grades, Boys -- REUSE Jersey (blue/white reversible)



3rd-8th Grades, Girls -- NEED Jersey (black/white reversible)



3rd-8th Grades, Boys -- NEED Jersey (blue/white reversible)



·         K-2 prices include a basketball and a participation award.

·         Last year's jersey may be reused by 2nd-8th graders. 1st graders automatically get new jerseys. Girls wear the BLACK/white reversible; boys wear the BLUE/white reversible;

·         $25 late fee applied after Oct 31.

·         Refunds are not given 3rd-8th grades once your child is placed on a team. In the event that a refund is sought, your credit card will be credited minus the 5% credit card transaction fee.

·         Family max is $375 before Nov 1, and not applicable after Oct 31. Registration for Travel Basketball is done separately and does not count toward the rec family-max calculation.

·         No player will be turned away for a lack of funds. Please contact Peter Stern to discuss confidentially: 347-886-3641.

  Basketball Mission:  
  Our basketball program is one of service to the youth of Montvale. The program is dedicated to teaching children how to play and enjoy the game of basketball. Teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and building self-esteem are the primary goals.